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"Phone It Forward" and help your team members and local community recycle their used electronics.


The simple act of donating cell phones and other electronic devices that are no longer being used or that have been left behind in lost-and-found shows the world that simple acts of charity can alleviate the effects of domestic violence, human trafficking, and elder abuse.

The "PHONE IT FORWARD" campaign was created by the 911 Cell Phone Bank (911CPB) (501c3) as a charitable event that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations the opportunity to 'pay it forward' by donating unused electronic devices to help victims in their community. 

The 911CPB guarantees secure data erasure and recycling of donated devices. Donated cell phones are repurposed as emergency 911 devices to help vulnerable victims in need. Donations help keep our landfills free of e-waste. We accept new, used, older, and broken devices.

The entire process is simple and 100% free – we even provide you with marketing posters*, shipping labels, and tax-deductible donation forms!

Email or call 866-290-7864 to get started with your campaign today.

*Customized posters with your company or organization logo are available upon request. Email for more information.


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8 1/2 X 11 Campaign Poster:

Use these posters to promote the 911 Cell Phone Bank's "Phone it Forward" recycling campaign in your office or community. Post it on information boards, breakrooms, anywhere employees congregate, or in convenient locations within your community.

Donation Receipt.fw.png

Donation Receipt:

All donations to the 911 Cell Phone Bank are tax-deductible. Consult your tax professional for advice or assistance.


Any portable electronic device that digitally stores personally identifiable information or other forms of personal, private, and confidential information will be accepted. Personal electronics that we accept include (but are not limited to):

a. Cell phones, Smartphones, and Blackberry’s from all carriers and manufacturers.
b. Laptop computers from all manufacturers.
c. Tablets from all manufacturers.
d. Cameras from all manufacturers.
e. Digital media players i.e. mp3, DVD, and cd players, voice recorders, etc… from all manufacturers.
f. Portable video game systems from all manufacturers.
g. Smartwatches from all manufacturers.
h. Memory storage devices i.e. SD cards, external memory storage devices from all manufacturers.
i. Electronic accessories i.e. chargers, headsets, earphones, rechargeable batteries from all manufacturers.
j. Pin pad devices.
k. Internal and external hard drives.

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Since 2004 the 911 Cell Phone Bank has provided more than 150,000 devices to

vulnerable victims in communities nationwide - all at no cost.


Over the years we have given emergency cell phones to victims of abuse and

senior citizens, tablets to women's shelters, laptops to law enforcement and

smartphones to teachers for use in high school app development courses.


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