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We give new life to unwanted electronic devices.

Consumers and businesses are discarding electronic devices at an alarming rate. It is estimated that far less than half of the 40 million tons of electronic devices manufactured in the US alone are recycled. We feel the best form of recycling is reuse, especially when someone vulnerable is helped. Below are some of the ways we use donated electronic devices. Worried about your data? Contact us to learn more about our data erasure policy.

Emergency Phones

Since 2004 our network of over 1500 law enforcement and victim services agencies has enabled us to distribute over 150,000 emergency cell phones to vulnerable citizens in communities nationwide. While we do not offer airtime with these devices, many are able to be activated with local and nationwide carriers. All devices are provided at no cost to our partner agencies.

Lost and Found Disposal

Hundreds of hotels, casinos, amusement parks and entertainment venues use our DataSecure secure electronic disposal service. If you manage a lost and found operation at your business, disposing of unclaimed electronic items properly is imperative. Imagine the damage to your business if a customer was harmed because you failed to ensure private data was erased from unclaimed devices. Our free service protects your customers information and your reputation. Check out the DataSecure website to learn more.

Agency Partners

At times our agency partners request devices for use within their operation. For instance, we sent a phone to a Florida police department who needed to replace a screen on a phone a suspect intentionally damaged before being arrested. We have provided video games, iPad's and iPod's to shelters for children of abuse victims to play with while mom get's help. We've provided a women's health organization with cell phones they could use to remind clients of upcoming doctors appointments. Does your agency have a special need? Contact us to see if we can help.


Many schools have advanced mobile app development and programming classes as part of their curriculum. Testing these apps on a personal phone can present difficulties for students, teachers and schools. Many teachers have taken advantage of our program to receive Android devices that can be used as test phones for student apps. Are you a teacher in need of a few devices? Contact us, we may be able to help.

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