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Lost and Found Recycling

When an electronic device is left behind and unclaimed at your business you want to ensure that your customer and their identity is protected. That's why our primary goal in managing your unclaimed electronic items is the complete and permanent erasure of the personal private and confidential information it contains. For more information on how we can help visit

Send us



If you have ten or less cell phones or smartphones to send you can simply print a postage paid USPS label. If you have more than ten devices, or if you have tablets or laptops to send, email us or call 866-290-7864 so we can arrange shipping. If you will have devices to donate on a regular basis we will be happy to set up an account. Once in our system we can  keep track of everything you send and provide receipts for each shipment if desired.

One Time Donation

Become and Agency Partner

Receive a Device

Other Ways to Work Together

Lost and found recycling 

Securely dispose of electronic devices left behind by your customers. We guarantee permanent erasure of private and confidential data.

send us your devices

Do you have a onetime donation to send or do you want to set up a regular FedEx pickup? Let us know how we can help.

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become an agency partner

Do you work with crime victims at a non-profit or law enforcement agency? Find out how we can help your community.

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receive an emergency phone

Do you qualify for a no cost emergency cell phone? Find out how you can get a device from your local law enforcement agency. 

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other ways to work together

Have an idea of how we can work together in your community? Let us know, we may be able to partner to help your less fortunate neighbors.

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